Illuminating Geospatial Technologies for the Energy Industry

Energy Dimensions is primarily dedicated to exploring how geospatial technologies can create significant value in the energy policy debate. The editorial team believes this will lead to better technical decision making, but we hope that this site will become much more than just a technical resource.

The Energy Dimensions team recognizes that our value will typically be measured in economic terms, however, as we all know the social and political, in fact, geo-political factors affecting energy decisions and policy making are often of greater importance, in the final analysis, than return on investment. The good news is geospatial technology can be applied to serve all of these constituencies.

Our goal at Energy Dimensions is to stimulate conversation and enable the transfer of knowledge between the leading thinkers in the energy policy debate, while demonstrating the way in which geospatial technology can be leveraged to improve decision making. There is perhaps nothing more important to the future of this planet than making the most informed decisions about our long term energy mix. This means there is bound to be controversy and heated debate, but by providing a platform where the various stakeholders can be heard and innovative uses of geospatial technology can be showcased, we think this will lead to not only better decision making, but a brighter future for the planet.


Energy Dimensions Mission:

To provide an online media platform where the various stakeholders from the energy industries, as well as the public can exchange information and learn about the latest developments in geospatial technology. We would like to develop the leading online community of professionals and interested parties who operate at the intersection of geospatial technologies, energy development and supply. Finally, we want to become recognized as a trusted source of information – worldwide, concerning best practices in the application of geospatial technologies for the energy industry.

Energy Dimensions’ mission is supported in part by GeoDigital International, Inc. who had the original vision for an online resource where the value of advanced geospatial data tools and technologies for making energy policy decisions could be clearly demonstrated. GeoDigital is committed to insuring the editorial independence of this site and while it may periodically suggest topics of interest within the industry it does not actively participate in the topic or content selection process, nor do the views expressed on the site necessarily reflect those of GeoDigital International, Inc.

From time to time, GeoDigital thought-leaders may contribute editorial content to the Energy Dimensions site. The source and author affiliations in such instances are always fully disclosed. In addition, Energy Dimensions may periodically display promotions for GeoDigital products or events. The promotional nature of such items will always be clearly disclosed.

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