Energy Sources and Topics

Energy Dimensions recognizes that the world depends on a wide variety of energy sources. Each of these is represented by a community of stakeholders, often with very large capital investments in natural resources, infrastructure and physical plant. We respect those investments and understand that significant changes in the energy mix will not happen in the short term. Consumers of energy have historically not had a lot of choice in selecting which source of energy they purchase. We believe that is changing. In fact, we think it is fair to say that at no other time in history has there been so much interest in energy policy and the use of alternative, renewable energy sources. Along with the ability to choose a source of energy comes responsibility and decision making. At Energy Dimensions we believe the appropriate application of geospatial technologies can lead to better, more informed decisions about energy policy. That is our focus. We do not favor one source over another, but as we explore the issues surrounding the use of each of the following energy sources we believe the issue of long term sustainability is critical. The future of our planet, as we know it today is at stake in this debate. We welcome your participation.

Sources                                              Topics

Fossil Fuels                                         Smart Grid

Nuclear                                                 Energy Security

Solar                                                      Climate

Wind                                                      Sustainability

Hydro                                                    Regulatory

Biomass                                                Technology