Smart Grid Roadmap Released at ConnectivityWeek, Zpryme Reports

Santa Clara, Calif., May 25, 2012 — A new Zpryme report unveiled at ConnectivityWeek reveals that while many Smart Grid projects are currently underway, the majority of efforts are just now moving past the installation phase — with the real opportunity for returns in the next five to 10 years.

“The next five years will be the make-or-break years for entrepreneurs and tech vendors as their equipment, software and systems are expected to yield positive ROI for utilities,” said Jason Rodriguez, President, Zpryme Research.

The Zpryme report reveals the following timeline:

● 2007 – 2012: The Planning, Pilots, Design, Research and Installation period for Smart Grid and Energy 2.0 solutions.
● 2012 – 2017: A time of Testing, Installation, Validation and Verification.
● 2017 – 2022: A period for Grid Optimization and Advanced Technology Integration, when utility systems and customers will begin reaping benefits of Smart Grid technology to maximize asset utilization, empower consumers with advanced monitoring and control, and more.

“We’re also on the cusp of seeing real growth for the software and IT side of Smart Grid, which could largely be defined as Energy 2.0,” Rodriguez said.

From 2012-2017, Smart Grid and information and communication technology (ICT) adoption will change from pilot and beta phases to an introductory stage. Such technologies will enter a growth stage among energy-demand stakeholders from 2017-2022.

“The time for IT and software investment is now,” said Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma Events, which worked with Zpryme to launch the report. “This is the reason for unveiling the report at ConnectivityWeek, where we’ll have market-defining players and forces for Energy 2.0.”

Zpryme’s Roadmap is based on primary and secondary research, revealing 15 major findings related to the evolution of Smart Grid and the roles of the key players involved.

“The roadmap is designed to align stakeholders’ respective goals, help build consensus, and provide a unified path forward for the development of Smart Grid and Energy 2.0,” Rodriguez said.

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